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Electroless Copper Plating Troubleshooting

H.R. Shemilt

The high cost of copper combined with a world shortage has emphasised the need for economy in its many applications. The manufacture of printed circuits by the etched foil…

Thickness Measurement of Gold Deposits

F.H. Reid

In both decorative and industrial applications of gold plating, but even more critically in the latter, accurate measurement of coating thickness is of vital importance to both…

National and International Committees for Printed Wiring: 1—Introduction

G.C. Wilson

With the first issue of this journal a series of articles begins which describes the functions and activities of the various committees dealing with printed circuits. Among those…

International Associations: 1—European Institute of Printed Circuits

In this issue of the Journal a new series begins which deals with the functions and activities of world‐wide Associations involved in printed circuits. To start the series, an…

Products ♦ Processes ♦ Materials ♦ Equipment

Technic Inc., USA and Imasa/Silvercrown Research Laboratories, have concluded development in high efficiency Gold Electroplating Technology and have produced the Technic ACID GOLD…

Round the Circuit

As part of a £100,000 capital investment plan which Leicester Circuits Limited have embarked on, with a large amount of extra production in the offing, the New Haven, Conneticut…

Association News

The Association held their Open Inaugural Meeting at Caxton Hall, London, on Tuesday, 19th March 1974, and as such was exceptionally well attended by both members and non‐members.

De‐Wetting of Fused Tin/Lead Plated Printed Wiring Boards

R. Williams

The increase in printed wiring boards exhibiting de‐wetting characteristics after the fusing of electroplated tin/lead coatings prompted this investigation. Although it became…

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