Journal of Business Strategy: Volume 40 Issue 2


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The Volkswagen recovery: leaving scandal in the dust

James Welch

Following the diesel emissions debacle of 2015, Volkswagen Group has rebounded significantly in terms of sales and market value. When examining Volkswagen’s dramatic recovery, it…


Joining a collaborative space: is it really a better place to work?

Ignasi Capdevila

Collaborative spaces such as Fab Labs, Living Labs, coworking spaces, hackerspaces, makerspaces, etc. are localized spaces that offer open access to resources. The purpose of this…


Strategy renewal: breaking the mould with new business models

Marc André Baumgartner, Vincent Mangematin

Repeatedly engaging in strategic exercises may lead to a certain weariness, as the same strategic processes are used over and over again. The authors advocate looking at business…

Making change last: leadership is the key

Lesley Page, Jacquie Schoder

Multiple models of organizational change provide guidance, goals and strategic steps for organizations to complete initiatives effectively. The purpose of this paper was to…


How smaller firms can outperform their peers

Timothy L. Pett, Youssef Errami, Laurent Sié

This paper aims to study the performance of small- and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs) within the French hospitality sector and to determine what firm characteristics…


A new scorecard for strategic planning

Edward William Wright, Yue Cai Hillon, Mariano Garrido-Lopez, Drake Fowler

This paper aims to present several tools to facilitate strategic planning and to demystify the situational analysis and the selection of strategy. These tools include situational…


Teaching companies how to be entrepreneurial: cultural change at all levels

Laurence Murray Gillin, Rebecca Gagliardi, Laura Hougaz, David Knowles, Michael Langhammer

This case study aims to show how a strategic intervention, using an in-house delivered university entrepreneurship education program, cultivates an entrepreneurial mindset and…

Keeping the fish fresh: corporate compliance and ethical values

Peter Buell Hirsch

This paper aims to focus attention on the increasing interest of regulators in ensuring ethical behavior in public companies. It suggests a variety of ways in which corporations…

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