Journal of Business Strategy: Volume 32 Issue 3


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The service‐enabled customer experience: a jump‐start to competitive advantage

Anees Gopalani, Kevin Shick

Today, almost all manufacturers provide after sales support services. But these services are usually the same across all of a company's product segments, and warranty terms and


Brand value: does it belong on the balance sheet?

Betsy D. Gelb, James R. Gregory

The authors offer the viewpoint that a requirement to put the value of intangible assets like brands on a company's balance sheet may be in prospect – and that such a requirement


Sensemaking of complexity: leadership in financial services

Satish Raghavendran, Priti S. Rajagopalan

Unprecedented complexity is reshaping the financial services industry and presenting formidable challenges to financial services leaders and their organizations. “Sensemaking of


Step‐in or step‐out: supporting innovation through communities of practice

Stefano Borzillo, Renata Kaminska‐Labbé

To provide managers, researchers, and consultants with practical insights on using Communities of Practice to support innovation in organizations.


Service innovation: why is it so difficult to accomplish?

Nadin Dörner, Oliver Gassmann, Heiko Gebauer

This article discusses the common factors and hindrances of service innovation. Our purpose is to add a managerial perspective on service innovation.


Whose customers are they?

Stuart E. Jackson

Many product organizations recognize the benefits of outsourcing manufacturing of key components or even entire product lines to China and other low labor cost countries. But


Prisoners' dilemma

Patrick Marren

The purpose of this article is to speculate about the reasons why our economic “game” may be broken.

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