Journal of Business Strategy: Volume 30 Issue 2/3


Table of contents - Special Issue: The practice of innovation: design in process

Guest Editors: Vijay Kumar

Using design thinking to improve patient experiences in Japanese hospitals: a case study

Taisuke Uehira, Carl Kay

The paper seeks to use a case study to describe work by a Japanese qualitative research specialist with leading office furniture manufacturer to spur innovation in product


Innovating health care delivery: the design of health services

Alan K. Duncan, Margaret A. Breslin

The structure of health care financing, the lack of vertical and horizontal integration, and the slow translation of basic research into meaningful health outcomes for the


The call of the city: using design methods to attract families

Kristian Buschmann, Carol Coletta

For the first time in 50 years, young people are coming back to cities. But what happens when they have children? Convention seems to dictate they move to the suburbs where they


Pirate this: breakthrough mindsets from the web

Brandon Schauer

The recent mix of economic constraints and new capabilities has encouraged web‐based businesses to explore creative new strategies and unusual innovation processes. After years of


Beyond good: great innovations through design

Steve Sato

The purpose of this paper is to propose that high quality innovations benefit both companies and customers. Most businesses have formal systems to ensure benefit to company, and


How tangible is your strategy? How design thinking can turn your strategy into reality

Matthew Holloway

Improving your company's ability to execute its strategy requires increase alignment, greater agility and a singular clarity regarding the desired outcomes. This paper aims to


Cultural innovation in software design: the new impact of innovation planning methods

Chris Bernard

The purpose of this paper is to describe innovation planning methods used at Microsoft.


The discipline of product discovery: identifying breakthrough business opportunities

Jooyun Melanie Joh, Matthew Mayfield

This paper aims to cover the authors' experience with applying the latest methodologies in identifying and articulating product opportunities within a large, global corporation


Embedding innovation: design thinking for small enterprises

Antonia Ward, Ellie Runcie, Lesley Morris

This paper aims to outline the approaches used by the UK Design Council to embed design and innovation capability in small businesses.


Innovation is good, fitness is better

James P. Hackett

Academic journals and the popular business press are filled with articles praising innovation. But innovation is not enough. This paper proposes a higher purpose – that survival


A process for practicing design innovation

Vijay Kumar

Companies are increasingly adopting design processes as a key driver for their innovation practice. Design processes help companies develop innovations that produce high user

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