Journal of Business Strategy: Volume 29 Issue 1


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Merger repair: when M&As go wrong

Timothy Galpin, Mark Herndon

The company closed the deal over two‐years ago, but the organization is still not operating as one company: results are lagging, customers are defecting, and shareholders are


Strategic databanks: design for success

Michael K. Allio

Strategic planning remains the top‐ranked management tool, across continents, sectors, and firm sizes. Yet many firms fail to adequately prepare a strategic databank to help


Nokia: a case study in managing industry downturn

Raúl Carral, Markus Kajanto

Changing industry dynamics can significantly impact the fortunes of companies. This creates a need for them to have an effective linkage of industry analysis and strategy process


Room to grow: business location, global expansion and resource deficits

Matt Jackson, France Houdard, Matt Highfield

Building a sustainable global business platform is increasingly a fundamental requirement for success in today's marketplace. What is less well understood by many companies is


A new model for managing change: the holistic view

Andy Adcroft, Robert Willis, Jeff Hurst

In an age where organizational transformation is becoming more important to both the theory and practice of strategic management, the aim of this paper is to provide a model


Strategic opportunism

Stuart E. Jackson

Successful growth strategy has a lot to do with careful preparation to identify attractive markets and new sources of customer value and competitive advantage. If the plan for


Invasion of the Kravarites

Patrick B. Marren

The purpose of this article is to express a viewpoint on business strategy.


Purposeful abstractions: thoughts on creating business network models

Ajit Kambil

This paper expresses the author's viewpoint on how to advance research and practice on managing business networks and addressing convergence across industries.

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