Journal of Business Strategy: Volume 28 Issue 4


Table of contents - Special Issue: Design and business

Guest Editors: Jeanne Liedtka, Roger Martin, dt ogilvie

Design and business: why can ' t we be friends?

Roger Martin

As design becomes more important for business, designers and business people need to work together more. However, they tend to find the relationship difficult, challenging and


Artistry for the strategist

Hilary Austen Johnson

Artistry has been suggested by many authors to be a characteristic of exemplary practitioners in any discipline; however, few have defined artistry, or described how it might be


The second road of thought: how design offers strategy a new toolkit

Tony Golsby-Smith

Traditional approaches to strategy have failed to deliver the hoped for benefits of transformation in too many cases. They do not engage people and they do not foster inventive


Possibility thinking: lessons from breakthrough engineering

Robert Friedel, Jeanne Liedtka

The ability to see new possibilities is fundamental to creating innovative designs – but what do we know about state-of-the-art possibility thinking? The purpose of this paper is


Abduction: a pre-condition for the intelligent design of strategy

Nicholas Dew

This paper seeks to introduce the concept of abduction to strategists and show how abduction is an important influence on the effective design of strategies.


Daily life, not markets: customer-centered design

Vijay Kumar, Patrick Whitney

As companies try to gain a deeper understanding of consumers, they are increasingly turning to user-observation and ethnographic processes. However, because of this work is


Learning to design: giving purpose to heart, hand and mind

Sabine Junginger

Design thinking is becoming a topic in strategic management. Questions range from “What is it?” to “How can we approach design?” This paper aims to offer a glimpse into early


The practice of breakthrough strategies by design

Heather M.A. Fraser

In an environment where the challenge for businesses to stay ahead of the curve calls for new ways of strategizing for future success, design holds some important clues. By


Strategizing through playful design

Claus D. Jacobs, Loizos Heracleous

The purpose of this paper is to conceptualize strategizing as a playful design practice; illustrate this view by describing a process for fostering effective strategic play;

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