Journal of Business Strategy: Volume 28 Issue 3


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Gaining the edge in new business development

Stuart E. Jackson

Most managers understand that the ability of their business to out‐perform competitors and earn strong returns is greatest when they stick closely to markets that they know well


We've got to stop meeting like this

Patrick Marren

The paper provides the author's opinions about key issues in strategy and the future to the readership.


Google in China: government censorship and corporate reputation

James S. O'Rourke, Brynn Harris, Allison Ogilvy

This paper examines the communication strategies organization, and tactics of Google as corporate executives and staff planned and began executing the company's global expansion


The experts offer advice on Google

The purpose of this paper is to present the views of three experts on what, in the light of the article “Google in China: government censorship and corporate reputation”, Google


The Chinese enterprise secret: sustained advantage in labor‐intensive industries

Lee Li, Gongming Qian, Brian Gaber

In the past decade, Chinese enterprises have achieved superior cost advantages in the labor‐intensive industries. This paper explores the valuable resources that Chinese


Tradition and innovation: the China business communication study

Michael B. Goodman, Jay Wang

With China's economic development over the last two decades, the spirit and practice of Chinese companies have been radically transformed from administrative functions in a


The Chinese are coming, and I'm afraid

John Humphreys

In the popular media there appears to be a growing refrain of the so‐called China threat. This paper offers an alternative perspective, in particular, how emerging Chinese


Stop competing yourself to death: strategic collaboration among rivals

Adrian Slywotzky, Charlie Hoban

Vigorous competition among companies for customers, talent, and capital serves everyone well, for the most part. But competition can be harmful as well, when companies fight over


Social marketing: strengthening company‐customer bonds

Marios Katsioloudes, Jim Grant, Donelda S. McKechnie

This article discusses optimizing customer retention using customer relationship management (CRM) linked with social cause‐related marketing (SCRM). Establishing a socially

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