Journal of Business Strategy: Volume 24 Issue 2


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Historical context

Patrick Marren

Speculates about the US economy and whether it will recover, following the uncertainty due to terrorism in the West, occurring after the World Trade Centre and Pentagon attacks of…

The rise of the CSO

Daniel R. Delmar

Looks at the new position of chief strategy officer (CSO), which has arisen in the past five years. Adds that this (CSO) position is usually found in technology based companies…

Stories that SELL, stories that TELL

Barbara Kaufman

Investigates the place that storytelling has in company communications, and states that storytelling has a wide and varied range of applications. Gives various organizations’…


The dangers of product‐driven success: what’s the next growth act?

Adrian Slywotzky, Richard Wise

Investigates complacency by managers at successful organizations and how they seem to ignore warning signs of danger on the horizon. Stresses that these are the wrong reactions…

The genius is in the implementation

Mike Freedman

Pinpoints strategy implementations as a most important part of company practice. Lists out a number of implementation pitfalls that are deeper in effect than others: strategic…


The top five profit drains and how to plug them

Deborah House

Focuses on profit drains and how to stem them as they can be camouflaged in the midst of usual, everyday occurrences. Goes on to list the five most critical as: customer…

How strong brands get “on intent” – and stay there

Jennifer Barron

Emphasizes that without management that is active and astute, brand “intent” will not translate into what might be called the “customer experience” – the feelings and thoughts of…

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