Journal of Business Strategy: Volume 15 Issue 3


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Bristol Voss, Christine Unrnh, B.V., Carol Ann Dorn, C.U.

Mexico has revealed that it will use an element of the ISO 9000 system of standards to prevent some United States goods from being sold in Mexico. Luis Guillermo Ibarra, director…


If your sales are lagging, it's not the sales manager's fault. Nor is it the fault of the sales people or sales staff. The problem is that you haven't made a commitment to a…

BUSINESS POLICY: Living the Law of the Jungle

Kenneth M. Davidson

In a Washington Post column, Secretary of Labor Robert Reich wrote that he had found an excellent indicator of companies with good prospects. If the employees said, “we” are…

Corporate Strategies: Finding Your Strategic Heartbeat

Michel Robert

What makes a company pursue the products, customers, market segments, and geographic areas that it does? The answer is the most important element of planning—it's the strategic…

In the Company Thieves

Laurel Touby

IN NOVEMBER 1989, RONALD W. SKEDDLE, chief executive of Libbey‐Owens‐Ford Co., stood before a group of financial executives and delivered a sobering speech about business ethics…

Cost Reduction

Bristol Voss

Use it up, wear it out. Make it do, or do without. While the consumer hardships that inspired this Yankee saying have gone the way of flintlock firearms, the harsh conditions…

Case Study: General Electric Works It All Out

Joseph P. Cosco

IN 1991, GENERAL ELECTRICS AIRCRAFT ENGINES PLANT IN LYNN, Massachussets, needed new protective shields for its grinding machines. No problem, right? Find some outside vendor to…


Keith Elliot Greenberg

Executive education is no longer a perk—it's a strategic tool. Corporations are using education to adapt to a changing business scene and to implement new strategic directions.

Out‐of‐Pocket: Tricks in the Trade

Meryl Davids

Give Gene Anderson a newspaper and he probably won't head for the business section or the op‐ed page. Instead, the senior project manager at Dow Chemical Co. is more likely to…

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