Journal of Business Strategy: Volume 14 Issue 2


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After NAFTA: The Long‐Term Benefits

David A. Heenan

It's getting down to decision time. The U.S. Congress will soon vote on the proposed North American Free Trade Agreement (NAFTA). The October 1992 accord, hammered out after many…

The Need for Long‐Term Investment in American Corporations

Kenneth M. Davidson

Contrary to the conventional wisdom, it's not fluctuations in the stock market that have put the American economy in jeopardy. It's the fact that American firms persist in…

Times Change, But Do Business Strategists?

Michel Robert

Corporate America has never been as engrossed in the techniques and formulas of competitive analysis and strategy as it has been over the last 10 to 15 years. At the same time…

Pushing the Right Levers — the Right Way

Patricia Plessinger Craig

THE PROBLEM A number of corporations that responded to the competitive pressures of the 1980s and early 1990s by reorganizing and right‐sizing are dissatisfied with the results.

Watch on the EC: Investment Opportunities

Hugh Dykes

To the surprise of many observers, the European Community is not a fortress. Though it's not exactly an open house, this enormous, diverse, and now unified market has clearly got…

Market‐Entry Approaches for Central Europe

Jan Niemans

It is tempting to think of the countries of Central Europe as one homogeneous region. But their prewar stages of economic development varied greatly, their communistera experience…

The Health of Nations

Richard B. Egen

Since 1985, notes a recent McKinsey & Co. study, the formation of international joint ventures involving American corporations has increased by 27% a year. However, the study…

Purchasing a Plant in Poland

Western Europe's unification efforts have transformed the area into an essential market for many international companies. At the same time, the breakup of the former Soviet Union…

Strategic Planning Unbound

Alexander Hiam

Spurred by globalization, the maturation of consumer markets, the greater number of products and marketing messages in every market, the accelerating advance of technology, and…

How to Build a Benchmarking Team

Michael J. Spendolini

There is nothing that can wreck a well‐intentioned benchmarking plan faster than selecting the wrong people for the team. Take the company that chose staff members who didn't have…

Crisis Management: Forewarned is Forearmed

Daniel G. Johnson

Four years ago, the Exxon Valdez ran aground in Prince William Sound, Alaska, spilling millions of barrels of oil and despoiling a priceless wilderness. Exxon's clumsy reaction to…

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