Journal of Business Strategy: Volume 10 Issue 2


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Racing to Win on Costs: An Interview With Harry A. Shaw III

The chairman and CEO of the Huffy Corporation outlines his strategy for diversifying the company while battling imports in the highly competitive bicycle business.

How to Live and Prosper Among the Giants

Doug Gottliebsen

Specialization has enabled one plastics manufacturer to compete against such industry titans as du Pont, GE, and Monsanto.

Overcome the “Me Too” Product Syndrome

Chester L. Kane

In addition to demographics and income, two traditional methods used to segment the consumer goods market, self‐esteem has been revealed to be an important influence on consumers'…

Heinz Covers the Globe

Walter G. Schmid

The concept of “strategic niches” has guided the company to seek domestic as well as international acquisitions that fit its global game plan.

Damage Control for New Corporate Ventures

Zenas Block

In the aggregate, corporations lose billions on new ventures. Here's a venture cost management program that can save fortunes by keeping the cost of losers down while accelerating…

Spin‐offs: What Are the Gains?

Carolyn Y. Woo, Gary E. Willard, Stephen M. Beckstead

As corporate America engages in major restructuring programs, spin‐offs are becoming a popular option. Several factors increase the chances that a spin‐off will succeed.

Bankrupt Firms Can Be Attractive Acquisitions

Amel Stark, Robert D. Frawley

Chapter 11 can be used as a tool to facilitate the acquisition or sale of a company in bankruptcy. Although a troubled firm may appear tarnished, it can provide a golden…

Use Corporate Culture to Trigger High Performance

Cass Bettinger

The challenge is to manage the organization's culture so that you can tap the company's strengths to achieve superior performance and identify its weaknesses in time to overcome…


Streamline Inventory to Better Serve Customers

R. Douglas White

Here's how to eliminate slow‐moving inventory to increase customer service.

When Raiders Go Fishing

David W. Rhodes

A banker friend and I were discussing what corporate raiders look for in the management teams of the companies they pursue. He told me that raiders buy sardines. Some fit the…

Japanese‐American Strategic Alliances

Robert Lawrence Kuhn

International investments have become powerful vehicles for achieving corporate goals. And nowhere are overseas investments more important than for Japanese corporations. It is…

Good‐bye Widgets—Hello Bureaucracy

G. Lynn Shostack

It is said that entrepreneurs are great at starting companies, but not very good at sustaining them. The life stories of many companies include a crisis point when the company…

How to Succeed at Bank Financing

Lon Taylor

When there's a good match between the funds you need and the assets you have available for security, debt financing offers an attractive source of capital. Compared with a stock…

Manufacturing Strategy for Productivity Improvement

Robert A. King

The long‐term goal of a manufacturing strategy should be to propel the status (and contribution) of manufacturing from a perceived corporate liability to that of a true…

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