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Table Of Contents: Volume 28 Issue 2

Explaining customer satisfaction with complaint handling

Concepción Varela‐Neira, Rodolfo Vázquez‐Casielles, Víctor Iglesias

Due to the importance of understanding what circumstances make customer recovery programmes successful, this paper aims to study the effects of different cognitive…

Purchase availability and involvement antecedents among financial products

Yael Steinhart, David Mazursky

The purpose of this paper is to offer an integrated approach for understanding the relations among the theoretical and operational antecedents of consumer involvement in…

Including the customer in efficiency analysis

Joseph Coughlan, Estelle Shale, Robert Dyson

The purpose of this paper is to illustrate the effect of including the customer as a resource in efficiency measurement. Variations in counting the customer illustrate the…

Debit and credit card usage and satisfaction

Thomas Foscht, Cesar Maloles, Bernhard Swoboda, Swee‐Lim Chia

This exploratory study seeks to explore the link between the choices of payment mode to customer satisfaction. It examines the Austrian market in relation to its choice…



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