Interlending & Document Supply: Volume 26 Issue 3


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International interlibrary lending activity in Romania and co‐operation with other countries

Olga Constantin

The economic difficulties Romania has been experiencing for the last seven years are reflected in library services. Owing to decreasing budgets, libraries are no longer…


User initiated interlibrary loan

Elizabeth Arkin

Technology can enable users to place their own ILL orders. Should libraries make this available? What are the financial and organisational consequences if they do, and…


Copyright and document delivery in the electronic environment

Graham P. Cornish

Copyright is a central issue when considering document supply electronically because actions seen as simple in themselves are technically complex and raise many legal…


E‐print archives: a new communication pattern for grey literature

Daniela Luzi

E‐print archives are a new model for the diffusion of scientific information which exploits the interactive characteristics of networked communication. The aim of this…

Opinion paper: access versus holdings

John Blagden

Explores how the national aspiration of “universal access” to information compares with what is actually happening in practice. Outlines some of the issues which emerge in…


Interlending and document supply: a review of recent literature ‐ XXXIV

Sara Gould

Reviews recent interlending and document supply literature, with coverage of the following topics: why ILL requests fail; access versus holdings via electronic document…




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