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Table Of Contents: Volume 8 Issue 4

The Electronic Library Manager's Guide to Information Exchange after Death

D. Raitt

I was reading the first issue of Multimedia Review the other day and came across a description of the ‘wisdom continuum’ coined by John Joss, an aviation journalist. The…

Practices of printers in relation to electronic archiving

Monica Blake

Using a questionnaire and interviews, a survey was undertaken of the practices of printers in relation to electronic archiving. Printers were found to be flexible with…

Small but pristine — lessons for small library automation

Russell Clement, Dane Robertson

Small libraries are often more successful at effective automation than the large resource‐rich research libraries. One reason is that their pragmatic attitudes turn many…

Selecting a local area network for an academic environment

Mohammed M. Aman, Wilfred W. Fong, Virgil Diodato

A local area network (LAN) connects computers, printers, modems and other devices located near each other, often in an office environment. The School of Library and…

CALS and portables

Jim Roberts

The basic theme of this issue's column is electronic documents and portable computers. I was surprised myself to discover that these subjects are related. On the subject…


This article has been withdrawn as it was published elsewhere and accidentally duplicated. The original article can be seen here: 10.1108/eb024348. When citing the…

Uninterruptible power supplies

Howard Falk

If you have ever been caught by a power blackout or brownout — caused by lightning, storm damage, or simply a blunder by a repairman — and have completely lost work which…

Telecommunications Tutorial ‐ Part 4

A.E. Cawkell

Having gently (I hope) reprimanded Charles Oppenheim (everyone knows Charles) about his cavalier attitude to Information Theory (Cawkell 1990), I received a letter from…

Macintosh Potentials

Erwin K. Welsch

The previous columns have discussed Macintosh basics and begun the examination of application programs, beginning with, perhaps the most important general application…


Dialog files suit against ACS On 7 June 1990, Dialog Information Services filed a suit against the American Chemical Society (ACS) in the United States District Court for…



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