Structural Survey: Volume 5 Issue 2


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Weaponry in structural surveys – 2 Common building defects and their diagnosis

Christopher Urbanowicz

This paper reviews the most common building defects and techniques for their diagnosis. Problem areas are listed by their location within a structure and the information is…

Modernising Britain's infrastructure

P.A. Cox

Introduction By its nature infrastructure is always in decay and in need of renewal. However, within the last decade there has been an increasing perception that as a country…

Refurbishment work in Paris

J. Lloyd

Introduction During the 'seventies, considerable investment was made in the erection of new office buildings in and around Paris. The modern styles were note‐worthy for extensive…

The cast‐iron buildings of New York City

Richard Catt

The oldest parts of downtown Manhattan were built by the new immigrants who settled into separate districts to retain their language and customs safely.

The roof of the Great Hall at Alexandra Palace 1863–1986

Peter Smith

The origins of the roof of the Great Hall at Alexandra Palace go back to Owen Jones' project for a ‘Palace of the People’ to be built at Muswell Hill, published in the Illustrated…



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