Structural Survey: Volume 2 Issue 2


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Basic facts about brickwork 2 – Successful performance of modern brickwork

T.L. Knight

The world abounds with numerous examples of fault‐free brickwork which have endured for centuries with little maintenance. In this country, bricks are an indigenous product and…

Household pests

Peter L.G. Bateman

A recent television programme in ‘The World About Us’ series showed the various six‐legged or four‐footed sitting tenants and unwelcome visitors that find an old cottage a…

Surveying public health engineering services

R.A. Brooks

Public Health Engineering Services can be briefly defined as providing:

The surveyor in conservation

Richard Catt

The number of old buildings and sites protected by legislation is rapidly increasing due to the accelerated listing procedure and the effects of the 1979 Ancient Monuments Act …

The survey and inspection of modern timber framed property

Malcolm Hollis

The timber frame is not a new form of building construction. Until the middle of the 18th century timber was the basic structural material used in this country. The method was…

D‐I‐Y and the duty of care

Malcolm Ross

The term ‘do‐it‐yourself’ means different things to different people — ranging from putting a new fuse in an electrical plug to building one's own house brick by brick. The…



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