Equal Opportunities International: Volume 25 Issue 3


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At Sam's Club, no girls allowed: the lived experience of sex discrimination

Yasemin Besen, Michael S. Kimmel

The purpose of this paper is to provide an in‐depth understanding of the lived experience of sex discrimination from the perspective of women in the Wal‐Mart case and unravels the…


The role of implicit leadership theories in the performance appraisals and promotion recommendations of leaders

Birgit Schyns

The purpose of this paper is explore the role that the implicit leadership theories held by followers and supervisors play in the performance appraisals of specific leaders, as…


Workaholism among Australian female managers and professionals: Job behaviors, satisfactions and psychological health

Ronald J. Burke, Zena Burgess, Barry Fallon

The purpose of this study is to examine potential consequences of workaholism among 98 women business graduates in early careers. It replicates earlier work based primarily on men.


Report from SIOP: Current industrial/organizational psychology perspectives of women in organizations

Eden B. King

The current report is intended to provide a narrow, brief summery of research presented at the annual conference of the Society for Industrial and Organizational Psychology…


Making a difference in the workplace: Future directions in diversity, IPV, and occupational stress

Marshall Pattie

The purpose of this paper is to report on the sixth international conference on occupational stress and health.


Report of an international symposium on occupation, education, and inequality in Japan and Korea

Yoshimichi Sato

The purpose of this paper is to report an International Symposium on Occupation, Education, and Inequality in Japan and Korea. Discusses earn of the papers of the seven speakers.




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