Sensor Review: Volume 9 Issue 4


The international journal of sensing for industry

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Identifying quality at Bosch

H. Reger

For Robert Bosch GmbH, sensor systems underpin a major programme in part identification and quality control in assembly.

Tutorial: line scan cameras

Clive Loughlin

Sensor Review covers an important component used in many industrial applications.

Stress wave sensing eases condition monitoring

Peter Wells

Innovative stress wave sensors could find wide application in industry.

Europe heads for the smarter sensor

A big upsurge for sophisticated intelligent sensors is tipped by leading market watchers, as Stephen McClelland found out.

Biosensors invade the body

Biosensors are reaching the stage of serious evaluation and exploitation, as well as unusual applications, as Stephen McClelland explains.

Briefing: opto‐mechanical metrology

K.‐P. Koch

Industrial metrology is being radically alerted by advanced technology, as an expert reports.

Neotronics provides the fizz for gas sensors

Rags to riches Neotronics is continuing to spy out new opportunities in the sensor market, as Stephen McClelland reports.

Why sensors are important for Japan

A new report puts Japanese sensor technology into context, as Stephen McClelland explains.

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