Sensor Review: Volume 17 Issue 2


The international journal of sensing for industry

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Intelligent sensors

Neil White

Discusses the concept of intelligent sensors and presents a definition of the term. Provides examples of the benefits of using the intelligent sensor approach. Suggests…

Intelligent biosensors

E.T. Powner, F. Yalcinkaya

Discusses intelligent materials, intelligent material‐based sensors, their transducing methods, and different kinds of transducers used with smart material‐based sensors…

Multi‐axis force and torque sensing

Dwayne M. Perry

Discusses the measurement of complex force and torque loads with strain‐gauge based sensors for both industrial and research environments. Cites applications that will…

Racecar ride‐height sensing

Steve Bunkhall

Ride‐height, perhaps more than any other single variable of racecar set‐up, has a critical effect on the performance of modern flat‐bottom and ground‐effect…

Tyre pressure measurement using smart low power microsystems

J. Siddons, A. Derbyshire

Describes the progress made to date in testing and developing a system to monitor the environment within a commercial vehicle’s tyre ‐ its temperature and pressure ‐ by…

TESPAR paves the way for smart sensors

Martin H. George

Suggests that classical Fourier‐based methods are proving inadequate for the smart sensor concept. Presents a new approach labelled TESPAR (time encoded signal processing…

Design of integrated systems for the control and detection of actuator/sensor faults

Jakob Stoustrup, M.J. Grimble, Henrik Niemann

Considers control systems operating under potentially faulty conditions. Discusses the problem of designing a single unit which not only handles the required control…

Food sensory evaluation employing artificial neural networks

Jun Zhang, Yixin Chen

Introduces a method of food sensory evaluation employing artificial neural networks. The process of food sensory evaluation can be viewed as a multi‐input and multi‐output…

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