Sensor Review: Volume 14 Issue 2


The international journal of sensing for industry

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Radio telemetry

N R W Long

An overview of radio telemetry, concentrating on low power,short‐range systems which can be operated without equipment licences.Describes transmission mechanisms, aerials…

Advanced sensors seminar looks at multiplexing and NDT

Jack Hollingum

A report from a seminar on advanced sensing held on 9th November 1993 aspart of the DTI Advanced Sensors Technology Programme [ASTTP]. The firstsubject covered was…

Horses for courses

John Howard

Looks at radio frequency design relating to the expanding field of datatransmission with the arrival of purpose‐made modules, particularly at418MHz. Describes the three…

Fail safe radio remote control

I. Wilkinson

Describes the basic principles of radio remote control, dealingspecifically with safety aspects, transmitters, receivers, transmittedtelegrams, the Hamming code to…

Fet accompli

I Robins

Reports on the research and development work carried out at CentralResearch Laboratories Ltd [CRL], concentrating on their physical and chemicalsensing techniques and the…

Simple antennas

K Qassim

Describes the increasing need for simple and efficient antennas andlooks at the performance of quarter wavelength and helical antennas.Concludes the optimum performances…

Scada uses radio to bridge the gap

Bill Greeves

Describes how radio telemetry can interface with process control systemssuch as supervisory control and data acquisition [SCADA] and distributedcontrol systems [DCS…

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