Sensor Review: Volume 10 Issue 3


The international journal of sensing for industry

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Caring sensors

Keith Jones

The application of new sensor technologies brings a new dimension to healthcare.

What are neural networks?

Austin Pollard

Neural networks have been of academic interest for some time, are they now coming of age?

Colour makes it easy

A.P. Plummer

Colour adds a new dimension to visual inspection and can make many inspection tasks easier and cheaper than grey scale alone.

New applications for rangefinders

G. Drunk, N. Hild, C. Hug, M. Höpf, A. Langen

Rangefinders can find diverse applications as these four examples from the IPA illustrate.

Mass flow measurement

Guy McKenzie

The Coriolis technique is now being used effectively in a variety of mass flow measurement applications.

Multisensor information integration

D. Guinea, L.J. Barrios, A. Ruiz

The storage of large volumes of high speed data can be a problem. In this article the authors examine a number of cost effective solutions.

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