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Editorial: Urban Performance Between The Imagined, The Measured, and The Experienced

Ashraf M. Salama, David Grierson

A multitude of diverse attributes is required for effective urban performance at various scales ranging from the immediate context of public buildings to central urban…

The Mirage of Smart Sustainable Cities in the Arab Region

Ahmed O. El-Kholei, Ghada Yassine

This paper examines the attempt to develop smart, sustainable cities (SSC) in the Arab region. The paper identifies four barriers: 1) infrastructural need for…

Strategic Decision Support for Urban Service Design

Necmiye Yaprak Öz, Halime Demirkan

The aim of the study is to propose an ontology-based approach that provides a framework as a strategy decision tool for urban service design. The research methodology…

Towards a Context Specific and Multidimensional Quality of Urban Life Model

Laura MacLean, Ashraf M. Salama

With the majority of people living in cities it has become increasingly important to examine the relationship between the qualities and characteristics of an urban setting…

Measuring QoL in Doğanbey Urban Transformation Area in Bursa, Turkey

Miray Gür, Yavuz Taneli, Neslihan Dostoşlu

This study aims to measure the quality of life (QoL), using the proposed conceptual model within the context of the interactions between human behaviour and the…

Exploring the Relationship Between Health and Walkability

Emre Seles, Yasemin Afacan

This study aimed to broaden Theory of Planned Behaviour (TPB) by including healthy urban performance attributes of the residential neighbourhoods as an additional…

Walking to Occupational Activities Within Three Neighbourhoods in Basra City

Qaaid Al-Saraify, David Grierson

Recognizing the demand for a reliable subjective instrument to gather information on walking to occupational activities on the neighbourhood scale, this paper outlines the…

Using Auto-Photography to Explore Young People's Belonging and Exclusion in Urban Spaces in Accra, Ghana

Kristijn van Riel, Ashraf M. Salama

This paper examines young people's ‘lived' experience of urban spaces in Accra, the capital of Ghana, by focusing on the use of auto-photography as an appropriate method…

The Social Construction of a Neighbour-Hood Identity

Leandro Madrazo

The urban renewal process in neighbourhoods with well-rooted communities often reveals the ties between people and spaces, and highlights the inextricable links between…

Interrogating the Characteristics of Residential Neighbourhoods in the City of Tripoli / Libya

Adel M. Remali, Huyam Abudib

Residential neighbourhoods are vital parts of cities, accommodating various activity patterns that reflect the daily life for residents. Each residential neighbourhood is…

Exploring Urban Open Spaces of Regenerated Markets in Qatar

Remah Y. Gharib

The regeneration of urban open spaces of traditional markets in the GCC is driven by socio-cultural intents to reconcile between tradition and modernity. This paper…

Features of Design of Gardens and Parks with Symbolic Meaning in Shymkent City—Kazakhstan

Akmaral Yussupova, Liu Songfu, Ardasher Namazbay, Ahad Nejad Ebrahimi

This study investigated the emerging progressive use of ornamental art in the landscape architecture of Kazakhstan and determined the influence of symbolism on the quality…

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