Open House International: Volume 31 Issue 3


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Editorial: Committed Educators are Reshaping Studio Pedagogy

Ashraf Salama

The process of educating future architects and designers around the world varies dramatically. However, there is one striking similarity - the dominance of the design studio as…


Design as Exploration: An Integrative Model

Nisha A. Fernando

This paper presents an example of a pedagogical model based on combining knowledge and creativity and how the model was applied to teach an upper-level undergraduate studio in an…

Lessons From Practice: Architectural Education and the Notion of Critical Inquiry

Kevin Mitchell

The second-year studio presented here investigates the potential of reducing the gaps between the academy and professional practice by using the results of practice as a teaching…

Community Collaboration and Communication in the Design Studio

Noam Austerlitz, Avigail Sachs

Based on the authors teaching experience, this essay presents an example of how the traditional design studio might be modified so as to foster democratic participation and…

Enhancing Critical Thinking Through “Independent Design Decision Making” in the Studio

Mallika Bose, Eliza Pennypacker, Thomas Yahner

A group of faculty at Penn State's Department of Landscape Architecture observed that the traditional master/apprentice model of studio instruction fosters greater student…

Let's Play Design

Guita Farivarsadri, Üstün Alsaç

Teaching design through learning by doing is still the dominant form of architectural education as it is believed that the skills, the language and the approach to problems of…

Exploring Social Construction in Architectural Pedagogy

Joongsub Kim

The orthodox approach in contemporary architectural pedagogy, grounded in a narrowly conceived rationality, lacks diversity in terms of both the population it serves and the…

Integrating Social Science Research into Studio Teaching: Housing New Immigrants

Tasoulla Hadjiyanni

Armed with an understanding of cultural differences in housing needs, designers can develop residential prototypes that accommodate diverse values and ways of living. Culturally…

The Phoenix Capitol Mall Studios as Examples of Community Embeddedness

Carlos Balsas

The Capitol Mall is a very complex urban area adjacent to downtown Phoenix, where Governmental buildings exist side by side with a historic residential neighborhood, warehouse…

Application of an Alternative Teaching Model in a Virtual Architectural Design Studio: Impacts and Constraints

Rabee M. Reffat

This paper introduces an alternative teaching model in a virtual architectural design studio, its application, impacts and constraints. This model aims for achieving collaborative…

Differences and Dialogic Learning in a Collaborative Virtual Design Studio

Jeffrey Hou, Min-Jay Kang

With the ability of linking distant partners and diverse bodies of students and faculty, virtual design studios provide unique opportunities for examining cultural, contextual…


Transformations in Design Education: The Paperless Studio and the Virtual Design Studio

Jamal Al-Qawasmi

Traditional architectural curricula have been based on the design studio model, which emphasizes learning by doing. Under this model, a typical architectural curriculum offers a…

Temporary Space - Permanent Knowledge

Jeffrey Haase

This paper describes a studio model that attempts to bridge the gap between conventional design studio settings and professional practice, by adopting design-build principles that…

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