International Journal of Operations & Production Management: Volume 16 Issue 11


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Radically new production systems

Christer Karlsson

Identifies radical changes made by one organization in production principles and managerial issues behind the production system design, over a time period of 25 years. Finds that…


Strategically flexible production: the multi‐focused manufacturing paradigm

Gianluca Spina, Emilio Bartezzaghi, Andrea Bert, Raffaella Cagliano, Domien Draaijer, Harry Boer

Defines a new manufacturing paradigm and investigates its adoption and performances, within the assembly industry on a global basis. The definition of the paradigm is based on a…


Change processes towards lean production: The role of the management accounting system

Pär Åhlström, Christer Karlsson

Explores the role of the management accounting system in the process of adopting a complex manufacturing strategy, lean production. Finds, in a longitudinal field study, using the…


Capturing the dynamics of facility allocation

Bart Vos, Henk Akkermans

States that determining the configuration of a company’s facilities has become a complex issue in today’s globalizing business environment. Existing allocation models often fail…


International manufacturing strategies: experiences from the clothing industry

Ettore Bolisani, Enrico Scarso

In traditional sectors, due to the strong incidence of labour costs, the progressive delocalization of manufacturing activities in low‐wage countries has been typically considered…


The European auto components industry: Manufacturing performance and practice

Nick Oliver, Rick Delbridge, Jim Lowe

Reports the findings of a study into manufacturing performance and practice in 71 auto components plants in eight countries. Documents the performance differences between plants…


The impact of national and parent company origin on world‐class manufacturing: Findings from Britain and Germany

Chris Voss, Kate Blackmon

Presents the results of a study examining differences in world‐class manufacturing practices and performance between the UK and Germany, based on a sample of more than 500 German…

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