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Table Of Contents: Volume 35 Issue 6 - Special Issue: Labour market flexibility and spatial mobility

Labour market flexibility and spatial mobility

Raul Eamets, Krista Jaakson

Recent economic recession has highlighted the role of labour market flexibility as a key factor of competitiveness of a country. Despite the fact that labour mobility can…

Temporary migrants and occupational mobility: evidence from the case of Estonia

Jaan Masso, Raul Eamets, Pille Mõtsmees

– The purpose of this paper is to investigate the effect of temporary migration on the upward occupational mobility by using a novel database from Estonia.

Workforce nationality composition and workplace flexibility in Britain

Philip B. Whyman, Alina Ileana Petrescu

The purpose of this paper, with an organisational focus, is to offer a novel examination of the association between workforce nationality composition and workplace…

Social involvement, level of income and employment among immigrants

Yuval Arbel, Yossef Tobol, Erez Siniver

Previous studies of immigrant populations suggest that ceteris paribus an immigrant's level of income is strongly and positively correlated with his proficiency in the…

Wage inequality of immigrants by type of contract in Spain

Antonio Caparrós Ruiz

The purpose of this paper is to approach a new aspect of the assimilation of immigrants in Spain. In particular, it is analyzed the effect of the type of contract on…

Two new datasets on south-north migration by occupational category

Nina Neubecker

The purpose of this paper is to break down south-north migration along both the skill and the occupational dimension and thus to distinguish and compare several types of…

Occupational mobility over the business cycle

Liis Roosaar, Pille Mõtsmees, Urmas Varblane

The purpose of this paper is to examine how occupational mobility varies over the business cycle and how selected factors contribute to occupational mobility in different…

Relaxation of employment protection and labour reallocation

Liina Malk

Employment law reform enforced in Estonia in mid-2009 provides a good opportunity to examine the outcomes of employment protection legislation (EPL). The purpose of this…



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