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The Finna service: meeting the new measurement challenges in libraries

Timo Laine, Markku Antero Laitinen

In the transformed information environment, the impact and value of the services are not adequately shown using the traditional library metrics. It needs to be supplemented with…


Consortia from past to future

Frederick Nesta

The purpose of this paper is to review the global history of library consortia from ancient times until the present and propose further development of consortia to address journal…

A survey of diversity and inclusiveness initiatives at Carnegie Doctoral Research Institutions libraries

Regina Koury, Jenny Lynne Semenza, Sandra Shropshire

The purpose of this paper is to describe survey findings on diversity and inclusion initiatives at the Carnegie Doctoral Research Institutions of Higher Education libraries. The…


A taxonomy of the expected roles of librarians towards knowledge management: An eight-layer perspective for practice

Sajed Abukhader

The purpose of this paper is to explore the connection between the various layers of roles and tasks of librarians with the various knowledge types and methods. Although there are…

Specialties and strategies in academic libraries: a cluster analysis approach

Masanori Koizumi, Michael Majewski Widdersheim

Professional work is becoming more specialized and diffused, with new specialties emerging on the boundaries of established professions. The purpose of this paper is to examine…

The Rutgers open access policy goes into effect: Faculty reaction and implementation lessons learned

Jane Johnson Otto, Laura Bowering Mullen

From laying the groundwork for the successful passage of a university-wide open access (OA) policy, through the development and planning that goes into a successful…

Libraries as learning environments: the example of “Libraries for Everyone”

Umut Al, Güleda Dogan, Irem Soydal, Zehra Taskin

In this paper, the Libraries for Everyone Project and the studies carried out within the scope of the project are presented; the role of libraries as learning environments is…


Testing, testing: a usability case study at University of Toronto Scarborough Library

Sarah Guay, Lola Rudin, Sue Reynolds

With the rise of virtual library users and a steady increase in digital content, it is imperative that libraries build websites that provide seamless access to key resources and…


Public libraries in Switzerland: RDA and the FRBRization watershed

Elisa Banfi, Arnaud Gaudinat

The purpose of this paper is to investigate how Swiss public libraries are experiencing a normative revolution connected to new cataloging standards, such as RDA and the…


Invisible disabilities: perceptions and barriers to reasonable accommodations in the workplace

Carrye Syma

The subject of invisible disabilities is becoming more prevalent in the workplace. Invisible disabilities (as defined by the Invisible Disabilities Association) refers to symptoms…


Reflecting the voice of the student: A case study from The Pennsylvania State University using mixed-methods in assessing space

Steve Borrelli, Zoe Chao, Chao Su

The purpose of this paper, conducted at Penn State University, is to inform a redesign of the library facility integrating a Collaboration Commons projected to cost over $20m.

Library stakeholder attitudes and new technology

Ronald Larson

The purpose of this paper is to provide advice for library managers on the collection of feedback from stakeholders. An example of radio frequency identification (RFID) is used to…

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