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Library spaces in the 21st century: Meeting the challenges of user needs for information, technology, and expertise

Robert A Seal

Libraries and library professionals face multiple challenges in meeting user needs in the second decade of the new millennium. This is particularly true in academic libraries…


Commons consent: Librarians, architects and community culture in co-creating academic library learning spaces

Colin Storey

Constructing academic library learning spaces involves ad hoc groups of agents often with fuzzy inter-relationships. Librarians and their user communities are initially hailed…


Choice of Library and Information Science in a rapidly changing information landscape: A systematic literature review

Valentini Moniarou-Papaconstantinou, Evgenia Vassilakaki, Anna Tsatsaroni

Library and Information Science (LIS) has for a long time tried to gain legitimacy. In an ever changing environment due to technological and economic developments, the motivations…


The odyssey of Flemish public libraries facing opportunities and threats when becoming strategic partners in urban development

Nathalie Vallet

The purpose of this paper is to examine the interaction between the local policy context and the strategic role of public libraries within urban networks or partnerships aiming…

Evidence based organizational change: people surveys, strategies and structures

J. Stephen Town

– The purpose of this paper is to present a case study of the use of people surveys to enact change in human capital organization and practices in a University library.


Decision-making experiences of public library CEOs: A study exploring the roles of interpersonal influence and evidence in everyday practice

Cheryl Stenstrom

The purpose of this paper is to explore and describe the decision-making practices of public library managers in the context of interpersonal influence and evidence-based…


Trust me: the keys to success in cooperative collections ventures

Deborah Lynn Jakubs

Cooperation among research libraries is a venerable pursuit with a long history. The purpose of this paper is to examine three collaborative tools and programs ranging from the…


Factors affecting empowerment of female librarians, views of female managers of Tehran public libraries

Maryam Nakhoda, Samaneh Rahimian

The purpose of this paper is to study promoting and inhibiting factors in empowerment of female librarians in the opinion of female managers. It is necessary that library managers…


Public library managers’ descriptions of political attention

Katarina Michnik

Public library issues are often described as being of low political priority. Yet circumstances differ for different communities; public library issues may receive varying…


Reducing library space can promote the shift from storage of print-collections towards a learning-centre without limiting the access to information

Mia Haapanen, Pirkko Kultamaa, Tuulevi Ovaska, Kirsi Salmi

Libraries have changed due to many things, one of them being the shift from printed to electronic resources. Libraries become learning centres, providing more space for customers…


Hong Kong JULAC common library card

Venia Y.M. Mak, Diana L. H. Chan, Ki-Tat Lam, Y.O. Li

– The purpose of this paper is to describe a collaborative project on issuing a library card for common access among all eight higher education libraries in Hong Kong.

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