Employee Relations: Volume 41 Issue 2


The International Journal

Table of contents - Special Issue: The future of work and the future of unions

Guest Editors: Paul Nowak, Andy Hodder

150 years of the Trades Union Congress – reflections on the past and challenges for the future

Paul Nowak, Andy Hodder

The purpose of this paper is to look back on 150 years of the Trades Union Congress (TUC) and reflect on the recent challenges to organised labour.


The resilience of collective bargaining – a renewed logic for joint regulation?

Sian Moore, Ozlem Onaran, Alexander Guschanski, Bethania Antunes, Graham Symon

The purpose of this paper is twofold: first, to reassert the persistent association of the decline in collective bargaining with the increase in income inequality, the fall in the…


Understanding the UK’s productivity problems: New technological solutions or a case for the renewal of old institutions?

Paul Lewis, Kate Bell

The purpose of this paper is to examine the nature, causes and consequences of the UK’s productivity problems and whether these may be addressed through the new technologies of…

Towards a new web of rules: An international review of institutional experimentation to strengthen employment protections

Chris F. Wright, Alex J. Wood, Jonathan Trevor, Colm McLaughlin, Wei Huang, Brian Harney, Torsten Geelan, Barry Colfer, Cheng Chang, William Brown

The purpose of this paper is to review “institutional experimentation” for protecting workers in response to the contraction of the standard employment relationship and the…


The Trades Union Congress 150 years on: A review of the organising challenges and responses to the changing nature of work

Melanie Simms, Jane Holgate, Carl Roper

The purpose of this paper is to reflect on how the UK’s Trade Union Congress, in the 150th year of its formation, has been responding to the significant changes in the labour…


Unions and equality: 50 years on from the fight for fair pay at Dagenham

Gill Kirton

The purpose of this paper is to review historical and contemporary union driven advances in gender and race equality within the movement and the workplace in order to show how far…

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