Management Research News: Volume 9 Issue 3


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How Long Does It Take To Make a Decision

David J. Hickson

It is still not completely understood what speeds up or slows down the decision‐making process. The duration of decision making may range from a month to four years, but usually…

The Strategic Management of Human Resources: Some Recent Advances Drawn from Experience in France

Vincent Degot

The corporation has gradually come to occupy large areas of the social ground from which it sprang. A steady process of interpenetration between society and corporation has led to…

Business Sponsorship of the Arts: Corporate Image and Business Policy

Steve Linstead, Keith Turner

Arts sponsorship is very much a Cinderella sister of sports sponsorship. The amounts involved are vastly different, media exposure is much smaller and advertising opportunities…

Small and medium sized firms and the labour‐market aid system: A Scandinavian study

Elisabeth Sundin, Goran Johansson

Only a small minority of all firms in all the Scandinavian countries use the labour‐market related measures, i.e. incentives to take on more workers. Big firms are more frequent…



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