Management Research News: Volume 28 Issue 11/12


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The difference between termination and layoff

Ratapol Teratanavat, Brian H. Kleiner

Every year a number of employees are dismissed in American companies. Several names have been used to call these circumstances such as dismissal, separation, termination…


Managing telemarketing departments effectively

Warren J. Licata, Brian H. Kleiner

An Arthur Anderson study for the National Association on Wholesalers reveals that two‐thirds of all sales representatives will be telemarketers by the year 2000. This will create…


Managing compensation in the financial service industry

Chiungman Huang, Brian H. Kleiner

The US financial services industry, especially banking, has undergone substantial technological change and industry restructuring during the 1990s. A variety of new techniques and…


Effective human resource management in the steel industry

Katherine Andresen, Brian H. Kleiner

Iron preceded steel in the history of the metal industry. It was used for over three thousand years, and when the British settled in North America, the first iron works was set up…


Effective management of state employees

Chris Tilden, Brian H. Kleiner

Managing state employees is similar to managing private sector employees, although there are many subtle differences. An effective manager will acknowledge these differences…


Effective human resource management of county employees

Jeremy Huntley, Brian H. Kleiner

Government is a very labour intensive enterprise. Public organisations provide services, enforce laws and regulations, solve problems, and have varied missions. Their varied…


How to recognise and handle potentially violent employees

Vick Gupta, Brian H. Kleiner

Employees are an integral part of an organisation. They are important assets for a company. Employees with their hard work and sincerity can either make a company or break a…

How to manage independent contractors effectively

Henry Gunawan, Brian H. Kleiner

Whether a worker is an employee of a business or an independent contractor with that business is an issue that can have many significant problems. Generally, an employee is…


To blow or not to blow the whistle? That is the question

Ester Rocha, Brian H. Kleiner

Whistle blower was a word created in the 70s to specifically differentiate allegations from somebody from inside the company as opposed to allegations of a wrong doing by someone…


The evolution of R&D management

Jincao Wang, Brian H. Kleiner

R&D has been studied for a long time within different contexts, economies, and environmental demands throughout the years. The transition from early days’ booming markets and…


New developments concerning public personnel management

Dezhong Liu, Brian H. Kleiner

Historically, it was taken for granted that public services would be delivered by a staff of career civil service employees, working within the structure of centralised public…

Behavioural interviewing

Deborah Bowers, Brian H. Kleiner

The average cost of a company’s workforce is 36 percent of revenue (Mercer/CFO study). It is by far the largest investment any company makes, and yet it is the asset that…


How can music be used in business?

Darrell Coloma, Brian H. Kleiner

In general, music has an effect on emotion. Information compiled by Bruner states generalities of emotional expressions that are associated with different components of music. For…


How can the lessons from literature be used in business?

Aimee Bui, Brian H. Kleiner

The worlds of literature and business are as different as they get. While literature often revels in the artistic and abstract aspects, business focuses on the more practical and…

The effective management of employment agencies

Adchana Taerattanachai, Brian H. Kleiner

In order to be able to manage a business, it is wise to study the nature of that particular business. Employment agencies are also known as recruiters, head hunters and career…


How to be an effective Chief Executive Officer of a family owned business

Julianito Tio, Brian H. Kleiner

Family business is among the hottest areas of interest in business today. The media, academicians and business people increasingly recognise that family business means much more…


Managing for excellence in public transportation

Toan Tran, Brian H. Kleiner

Public transportation is defined as transportation by a conveyance that provides continuing general or special transportation to the public; excluding school buses, charter and…


New developments concerning business information systems

Ranjana Kadiyala, Brian H. Kleiner

In today’s competitive world, information systems provide competitive advantage to a business. Whether a business follows cost leadership strategy or differentiation strategy…


Managing for excellence in the real estate industry

Wilson Chan, Brian H. Kleiner

The real estate industry is very broad and diverse in terms of jobs and functions within the industry. Appraisers, loan officers, escrow officers, title associates, real estate…


How to use humour for stress management

Yi‐Ping Lee, Brian H. Kleiner

Stress is a mentally or emotionally disruptive or upsetting condition occurring in response to adverse external influences and capable of affecting physical and psychological…




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