Management Research News: Volume 19 Issue 11


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Seeking Expert Advice for Better Performance: A Study of Small U.S. Export Firms

John K.S. Chong, Jaesun Park

More than a decade after the introduction of the U.S. Export Trading Company Act of 1982, which primarily aimed at helping American firms market their products abroad, the U.S…

Strategic Plan Intensity and Competitive Strategy

William A. Drago

This study investigates the relationship between a firm's competitive strategy and strategic plan intensity, defined as the emphasis placed on strategic planning in guiding the…


Influence of Computer User Training on Decision‐Making Risk Preferences

R. Martin Richards, Victor R. Prybutok, Leon A. Kappelman

Risk‐related attitudes are important in today's business environment because as organisations become flattened decisions are pushed down in the hierarchy and a greater percentage…

Earnings Forecasting Models: Adding a Theoretical Foundation for the Selection of Explanatory Variables

John E. Sneed

The purpose of this study is to determine if an earnings forecasting model based on factors hypothesised to result in differential profits across firms (industries) reduces model…

What Managers Must Know to Conduct Business in Brazil

Warren Turner, Brian H. Kleiner

Before conducting business in Brazil, a business person should become familiar with its commercial and economic environment as much as possible. This entails attaining a general…

Building the Future or Boxed in the Past? Linking Physical Workplace Symbols with Other Research Evidence

Simon Henry Carter

In 1923 Mustafa Kemal Atatürk marked the beginning of the Turkish Republic by relocating the national capital from Istanbul to Ankara. As a consequence, the new Republic…

Efficient Market Hypothesis and the Contrarian Trading Paradox

C. Pat Obi, Shomir Sil

The investments industry is made up of two major groups of security analysts: fundamentalists and technicians. Fundamentalists make investment decisions by analysing a company's…

A Minimax Regret Solution to a Transportation Problem for Handling Future Uncertainties

Zvi Goldstein

In this article we consider the case of a manufacturing firm which has several production centres providing finished goods to several warehouses. Both the manufacturing cost at…



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