Nutrition & Food Science: Volume 97 Issue 5


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The National Food Guide: how relevant is it to vegans?

Jill Davies, Helen Lightowler

Considers the relevance of the National Food Guide to vegans. Looks at various groupings, e.g. meat, fish and alternatives, and suggests improvements to the information currently…


Healthy Schools Award ‐ the nutritional component

Mabel Blades

Looks at the nutritional element of the Healthy Schools Award, which has been developed to promote health in schools. Gives some background details about the award and outlines…


Iodine in food and health

Sam Sumar, Hanaa Ismail

Looks at the problems relating to iodine deficiency disorders and examines in depth the various aspects of iodine, considering its history, properties and sources. Notes the…


Obesity: is it related to sugar in children’s diets?

Sigrid Gibson

Children’s diets tend to be higher in sugars than those of adults, and parents often associate sugar with obesity. Contrary to this hypothesis, surveys of various age groups all…


Nutritional demands of farmed marine fish

Owen Day, Bari Howell

Describes some of the important nutritional issues involved in the development of farming techniques for marine fish. The key phase of larval rearing remains dependent on the use…


Baking technology at South Bank University

Alan Bent, David Thacker, Michael Whieldon

Focuses on research and teaching in the field of bakery technology, including aspects involving food nutrition. Main research activities involve the transfer of research findings…


How clean is clean?

Anthony Allan Stephens

Looks at CaterClean, a new service from Rentokil Hygiene Division, which combines deep cleaning with rapid‐result testing. Outlines what the programme involves and concludes that…

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