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Hilary Balmforth, Keith Sutcliffe

In response to a local secondary school's concern following the introduction of a new cafeteria system of school meals, the Cambridge Health Eduction Unit participated in a…

Chips with chips?

Margaret Drew

Not, as you might imagine, the school lunch favoured by some children, but the name given to a scheme in which a school computer was used to help assess the nutritional value of…

Eating habits of ten year olds

All the children born in the UK between the fifth and eleventh of April 1970, 15,000 of them, have been members of the Child Health and Education Study cohort. The group has…


Jacqueline Hill, Jane Mellor, Ann West

The National Advisory Committee on Nutrition Education recently published a report containing long term dietary proposals. One of these is a reduction in fat consumption. Fats…

The role of fat in human nutrition

Michael Gordon

Fat provides a major contribution to the palatability of food. It has a lubricating effect and improves the texture of many food products, and it also acts as a heat transfer…


S.P. Kochhar, J.B. Rossell

Rapeseed is the only oilseed crop grown in the UK. This is now Britain's third largest arable crop with a total area of over 200 thousand hectares. Production of the seed has…

The gastronomy of HAGGIS and KAIL

Alan Harrison

Taken to be a distinctly Scottish dish from the 1750's onwards the haggis can be shown to have an interesting derivation and the ‘evidence’ is cast across several different areas…

National food survey

Judith Frank

The British National Food Survey (NFS) has a long and distinguished history. It is renowned world wide for the continuity of its operation. The survey has been enquiring into the…

Nutrient links‐the interrelationship between different dietary components

Ivan M.M. Sharman

Phytic acid and mineral absorption. In 1925 Sir Edward Mellanby demonstrated that when puppies were given a diet poor in vitamin D and calcium, and containing large amounts of…

Fibre file

In foods derived from plant sources, the make‐up of the actual cell walls in the living plant determines the fibre content and the texture of the vegetable, fruit or cereal dish…

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