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Recently, two thousand representatives from farming, horticulture, manufacturing, processing, wholesaling and retailing of food met in the Conference Centre at the Barbican to…

Consumer tests on POTATOES

Wendy Godfrey

A sample of sixty panellists was selected from the Sainsbury's Consumer Panel. Each week they were given a different variety of new potatoes which they were asked to take home and…

The old folks at home

Michael Kipps, J. Thomson

Few make any mental preparation for old age, and for many who give it any thought at all, its prospects can be depressing. However, old age comes to most and its attendant losses…


J. David Schofield

The prominence of wheat as the world's largest crop (in 1981 world production was almost 1.7 thousand million tonnes, of which about 40% went directly to human food use) owes much…

Leanness and longevity

It is a well recognised fact that on average obese people do not live as long as people of average weight. Animal experiments have also shown that the relationship between weight…

Fruits of Antiquity

David Gunston

Raisins Although nowadays chiefly regarded as a useful ingredient of puddings, cakes and mincemeat, or as a pleasant dessert extra, raisins are a foodstuff of great antiquity…


J.M. Jones, J.B. Monsey, J. Payne

Quality specifications Egg products, which are used extensively in the baking and confectionery industries, are pasteurised to kill any food‐poisoning salmonellas that may be…


It would seem from recent medical research that people who have a ‘drink problem’ have a ‘vitamin problem’ as well. How and why alcohol in constant excess damages the human body…


Derek Shrimpton

Mr Pickwick's fat boy not only showed the pleasure to be gained from food but encapsulates, in his action, the theory and practice of ‘this slimming business’ and identifies, in…

Taking a closer look at health

Teachers are very grateful to organisations who produce attractive and authoritative teaching material which can be used in nutrition education classes. Unfortunately, a lot of…

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