Nutrition & Food Science: Volume 82 Issue 3


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One man's meat

Anne Murcott MA

Stewed octopus on holiday in Greece, carrot sweets at the local Indian restaurant, termite delicacies in Africa on a TV documentary — in increasingly cosmopolitan Britain the more…

New product development

Rita Exner

How does a food manufacturer devise a new product which fills a consumer need? And, having made the new product to his own specification, how does he persuade the consumer to buy…

The B Vitamins: Thiamin

Ivan M. Sharman

This is the first of a short series of articles on the B vitamins. In this issue the discovery of these vitamins is described, together with a more detailed description of vitamin…

Cigarette smoking, nutrition and health

Jane E. Thomas

Smoking is the most common form of addiction in the UK. Figures from the General Household Survey for 1980 show that more than seventeen million people, 42% of males and 37% of…

New standards recommended for milk —to ensure that our milk supply is healthy and hygienic

The Consumers' Committee for England and Wales has recently reviewed the current milk marketing scheme and has made a number of recommendations for improvement to the Minister of…


P.J. Barnes, T. Galliard

The term rancid is used to describe either objectionable odours or tastes in many food products. In this article P.J. Barnes PhD and T. Galliard DSc, FRSC, FIFST outline the…

A cut above the rest

Recent research shows that although the average person in the UK eats about 1lb of red carcase meat every week, some housewives don't make an informed choice of meat and many of…

Brighter and better: cartons made by new printing process

In addition to the new canning processes mentioned in the March issue of this journal, Metal Box in association with Fishburn Printing Ink Company, has devised a new and…

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