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Hyperactivity and diet: Are components of our modern diet responsible for this behavioural problem among children?

A recent report issued by the American National Advisory Committee on Hyperkinesis and Food Additives finds there is no evidence of a direct link

Vegan diets for young children

Rebecca Purves

In 1944 a group of strict vegetarians formed the Vegan Society and called their diet a vegan diet to distinguish it from an ordinary vegetarian diet. Vegans are people who do not…

Talking about children

Arnold Bender

Clinical signs of malnutrition are very rarely seen in the UK, and they are also uncommon in developing countries. There can be widespread malnutrition, yet only two or three…

Promoting school meals: Suffolk County Council is taking positive steps to encourage more children to use the school canteen

Faced with a rapid fall in the number of children buying the mid‐day school meal, Suffolk County Council are to adopt a commercial approach to the service. They have appointeed a…

Flavours in food products—An art or a science?

Henry Heath

She reports that this very interesting and comprehensive lecture provided an insight into the chemical complexity of food preparation, reasons for flavour change, incentives to…

Multiple choice tests

F.M. Akeroyd

This experiment was set up to test the hypothesis that the validity of multiple choice tests is distorted by the effects of ‘educated’ and ‘wild’ guessing. Most practising…

Nutrition and Diabetes

British Nutrition Foundation, British Diabetic Association

Recent research has suggested that the present diets prescribed for diabetics, while satisfactory up to a point, are nevertheless, not the most suitable, given today's sedentary…


The Food Research Institute at Colney just outside Norwich held two Open Days in October 1980 to explain recent changes in the research responsibilities and objectives of the…


David Gunston

The finest Spanish table olives come from an area of fifty kilometres around Seville in Andalusia, Southern Spain. The soil here is red, rich in both clay and chalk and this makes…

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