Nutrition & Food Science: Volume 80 Issue 6


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Feast and famine

Patricia Bews

A staple food is defined as a main element of a diet. It is determined by the climate, the level of technical development, the culture and social conditions of the country. How…

Nutrition and athletic performance

Ivan Sharman

The subject of nutrition and athletic performance is by no means a recent one. In those far off days of the first Olympic Games held in Greece from 776 BC‐400 AD the athlete was…

Wage‐earning wives

Some results of asurvey among wives and mothers whoone full time employment with running a home and looking after a family

The unwilling listener

Judith Lannon

The first may be described as the reminder role, in which advertising acts as a memory jogger, reminding people of what they may have forgotten. ‘Don't forget the x, y or z!’ is a…

Next — the great olive oil lake?

David Gunston

After Europe's beef and butter mountains and wine lake — what next? The answer would seem to be an olive oil lake. EEC officials confidently predict that olive oil will become the…

KIWIFRUIT: from New Zealand

If you asked people in the UK to describe a Kiwifruit, most would be hard put to do so. Until recently only a very few of these interesting fruit were imported into the UK where…

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