Nutrition & Food Science: Volume 79 Issue 4


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The shelf life of canned foods

M.N. Hall

A can of veal produced in 1824 for Captain Parry's expedition in search of the North West Passage was opened in 1938 and found to be in perfect condition. This was a milestone in…

Water activity in food

G. Anagnostopoulos

A large part of expenditure in the food industry relates, no doubt, to food preservation. Preservation of food against microbial deterioration has been practiced since…

Colour of meat

The Meat Promotion Executive recently organised a most interesting talk and demonstration about factors affecting the

Energy metabolism and calometry

M.J. Dauncey

What is metabolism, how do we derive and utilise energy from food and how can an individual's energy expenditure be measured? These are the points discussed in this article

The nature of weight loss during short term dieting

Weight loss on an 800 k/cl ketogenic diet is faster than that on a mixed diet due to extra water loss. In each regimen fat loss is equal and similar to that during total…

Practical help and information

Breastfeeding counsellors. The breastfeeding promotion group of the National Childbirth Trust was formed in 1967 by a group of experienced nursing mothers, to give other…

Errors in preparation of infant feeds

Dr.A. Wise

Recent investigations have shown that mistakes are commonly made in preparing bottle feeds for babies. Mothers were found not to count, or to lose count of the number of scoops of…

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