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Mycotoxins—are they a menace?

I.D. Morton

During the years of the early fifties you could have heard said that a little bit of mould would not neces‐sarily harm you. No doubt this was due to the discovery of penicillin…


Susan M Passmore

Although fifty‐six years have elapsed since the Loch Maree poisoning mystery in 1922, when eigth people died after eating a picnic lunch of wild duck sandwiches, another tragedy…

Desert island dishes

Franklyn Perring

Though self‐sufficiency is in fashion and The Good Life a very popular T. V. series, the romantic yearning to ‘get away from it all’ can rarely be realised whilst the shelves of…


David Gunston

Pepper is the king of the half‐dozen or so true spices — the ‘aromatic substances of tropical vegetable origin, that make dumb dishes eloquent’ — on which the fortunes of whole…

A personal view of teaching nutrition

Judith Christian‐Carter B. Ed.

Mention to educationalists the word ‘nutrition’ and invariably, the conversation centres around the two main questions, ‘How should we go about teaching nutrition?’ and, ‘What…

New food and lifestyle study

Group discussions with young women lead the makers of Blue Band margarine to consider that life style has more influence than socio‐economic grouping on eating and food shopping…


What every housewife knows about food… or does she?

Research by RBL for the Birds Eye Annual Review shows that over half the 373 housewives questioned believe that coffee keeps them awake, four out of 10 think cheese gives them…

National food survey

is a continuous sampling enquiry into the domestic food consumption, expenditure and nutrition of private households in the UK. These are the latest data covering the first…

US food additives

Food additives extracted from natural sources or chemically and biologically synthesised will grow at an increasing rate up to 1985, according to the US based market research…

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