Nutrition & Food Science: Volume 73 Issue 4


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David P. Richardson

At the present time, with ever increasing food prices and the recent public outrage over the cost of beef, it is certainly timely to review the nutritional importance of poultry…

VITAMIN E: Antisterility factor, antioxidant, and…?

Ivan M. Sharman

Professor H. M. Evans, when making a study of the reproductive capacity of rats at the University of California in 1922, found that animals given a diet containing all the then…


Sheila T. Callender

Iron deficiency is a common condition even in countries with a high economic standard. The presence of iron deficiency implies a lack of balance between the iron which can be…

TEACH‐IN NO. 5 Healthy is as healthy does

Ian Morton

Health foods have become big business in the UK and the market is dominated by four companies. Sales of health foods have risen from £11 million in 1965 to £18 million in 1970 and…

UNDER GLASS: An outline of some of of the work of the Glasshouse Crops Research Institute

J.L.W. Deen

The glasshouse industry of Britain occupies a mere 0.05% of the total area of land under crops other than grass. On this basis it would seem disproportionate to devote the…


Joan M.L. Stephen

In a recent article in Nature, it was asserted that we do not know how much food man requires. Although this statement was clearly intended to be provocative, it is probably more…

Enzymes in food processing

P.A. Dewdney

Enzymes are produced by all living cells as catalysts for specific chemical reactions. Not surprisingly enzymes are present in all foods at some time, and play an increasingly…

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