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Food for thinking

John Dobbing

A good deal of research is currently being devoted to the question whether early malnutrition can play any part in reducing an individual's ultimate human achievement. In this…

Some food customs and beliefs — in South Africa

Eric Galli

The goat which will be divided up and each portion distributed according to tradition serves two purposes: it has been ritually sacrificed to appease the ancestral spirits who…

The Home Food Preservation Section at Long Ashton Research Station

Margaret Leach

“Home Preservation of Fruit and Vegetables”, Bulletin No. 21 of the Ministry of Agriculture, Fisheries and Food, published by HMSO, is undoubtedly the most widely known of the…

Potato blight and unborn babies

The Department of Health and Social Security issued the following statement on recent suggestions that potato blight might endanger some unborn children:

Chemical changes during cooking, processing and storage of food

M. Spencer

Most foods are complex mixtures of some or all of the following classes of chemical substances: carbohydrates, fats, proteins, minerals or inorganic compounds, vitamins, colours…


Director R.F. Gordon

Diseases affecting animals grown for human nutrition may have a direct and serious influence on the purchasing power and standard of nourishment of a household. Diseases of…

the place of SUGAR in the balanced diet

Dorothy Hollingsworth

In most diets in the world some 10–12% of the energy value is supplied by protein, but there is great variation in the proportions provided by fats and carbohydrates. If alcoholic…

Dental Caries: some recent work in its prevention and treatment

A. Syrrist

In the Scandinavian countries, as in several other countries, the discussion about the general supplementation of fluoride by the consumption of water has been intensive and…


Hon. John D. Sainsbury

During the first half of the eighteenth century the number of food shops in towns and cities had increased greatly as gradually a more varied range of foods became available for…

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