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Dietary intervention of prebiotics and vitamins on gut health of children

Deepti Kaushal, Gurpreet Kalsi

Gut health has multidimensional impact on childhood growth and development. Diet being the major modulator of gut health, this study aims to hypothesize if supplementation of…

Dietary intake and prevalence of metabolic syndrome among tanker truck drivers in Ghana

Charles Apprey, Bernice Adu Baah-Nuako, Veronica Tawiah Annaful, Atinuke Olusola Adebanji, Victoria Dzogbefia

This study aims to assess dietary intake and prevalence of metabolic syndrome (MetS) among tanker truck drivers in the Kumasi metropolis, Ghana.

Pumpkin seed oil and zinc attenuate chronic mild stress perturbations in the cerebral cortex of rats

Marwa H. El-Azma, Nadia M. El-Beih, Karima A. El-Shamy, Khaled M.M. Koriem, Mahitab I. Elkassaby, Wael M. El-Sayed

This study aims to investigate the potential of pumpkin seed oil (PSO) and zinc to attenuate oxidative stress and neuroinflammation caused by chronic mild stress (CMS) in the…

Utilisation of Diospyros kaki L. (persimmon) as a functional ingredient to produce functional foods: a review

Naman Kaur, Anjana Kumari, Aparna Agarwal, Manisha Sabharwal, Saumya Dipti

This study aims to discuss the nutritional value and potential nutraceutical properties of Diospyros kaki L. (DKL); to encapsulate recent studies conducted across the world to…

Nutrient variability of rice landraces (Oryza sativa L.) from Manipur, Northeast India and its nutrients supply potential in rice-based diets

T. Longvah, Anitha Chauhan, Sreedhar Mudavath, Bhaskar Varanasi, Neeraja CN

Rice landraces are essential for supplying beneficial traits for developing improved rice varieties with better nutritional quality. Nevertheless, in a yield-driven environment…

The effect of maternal and nutritional factors on birth weight: a cohort study in Tehran, Iran

Tahereh Karimi, Zeinab Moslemi, Arezoo Rezazadeh, Hassan Eini-Zinab

This study aims to examine the effect of maternal food intake before and during pregnancy on birth weight.

Effect of curcumin on body mass index and glycemic indices in females with PCOS: a systematic review and meta-analysis of randomized controlled trial

Mehran Nouri, Sara Sohaei, Mohammed Nader Shalaby, Sanaz Mehrabani, Atena Ramezani, Shiva Faghih

This paper aims to assess the impact of curcumin supplementation body mass index and glycemic indices in women with polycystic ovary syndrome (PCOS).

Dietary approach to stop hypertension and obesity among Iranian adults: Yazd health study-TAMYZ and Shahedieh cohort

Sahar Sarkhosh-Khorasani, Hassan Mozaffari-Khosravi, Azadeh Nadjarzadeh, Masoud Mirzaei, Mahdieh Hosseinzadeh

Established data revealed a relationship between obesity and increasing the risk of mortality and morbidity of chronic diseases. There are conflicting data regarding the…

An overview on recent advances in functional properties of dietary lipids, encapsulation strategies and applications

Jaydeep Pinakin Dave, Ali Muhammed Moula Ali, Sri Charan Bindu Bavisetty

The purpose of this study was to provide contemporary scientific knowledge on the functionality of edible lipids, sources, health benefits, and a special emphasis on different…

Effect of orange peel and moringa leaves extracts on quality of chicken sausages under frozen storage

Suman Bishnoi, Sanjay Yadav, Diwakar Sharma, Ashok Kumar Pathera

This paper aims to study the effect of orange peel and moringa leaves extracts on microbiological safety, sensory quality, lipid oxidation and color properties of chicken sausages…

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