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Physical activity and sedentary behaviors associated with overweight and obesity among primary school children in Tanzania: a case-control study

Renatha Pacific, Kissa Kulwa, Haikael D. Martin, Pammla Petrucka

This study aims at determining the risk of physical inactivity and sedentary behaviors on overweight and obesity among primary school children aged 10–13 years in Tanzania.

Association of dietary inflammatory potential (DIP) and endothelial function biomarkers among females

Mohammad Gholizadeh, Ebrahim Falahi, Ammar Hassanzadeh Keshteli, Ahmadreza Yazdan Nik, Parvane Saneei, Ahmad Esmaillzadeh, Ahmad Saedisomeolia

Dietary inflammatory potential (DIP) is a novel dietary index designed to evaluate individuals’ diets with considering inflammation and anti-inflammation score. In addition…

Physiochemical properties and sensory characteristics of resistant starch enriched cookies

Arezoo Rojhani, Joshua Naranjo, Ping Ouyang

The purpose of this study was to examine sensory attributes, physiochemical characteristics and consumer preference of drop sugar cookies prepared using high-amylose maize…

Determinants of late adolescent nutritional status in Indonesia: a nation-wide cross-sectional survey

Ni Ny Wedarthani Achintya Amrita, Ni Wayan Arya Utami, Kadek Tresna Adhi

This study aims to examine determinants of underweight and overweight nutritional status among late adolescents in Indonesia.

Evaluating the knowledge, attitudes and practices of adults on food safety: a cross-sectional sample from Turkey

Pınar Göbel, Nevin Şanlier, Sine Yilmaz, Onur Toka, Büşra Açikalin, Şule Kocabaş

The purpose of this paper is to evaluate the levels of food safety knowledge, attitudes and practices (KAP) of consumer.

Association of plant-based diets with lipid profile and anthropometric indices: a cross-sectional study

Mohadese Borazjani, Mehran Nouri, Kamesh Venkatakrishnane, Maryam Najafi, Shiva Faghih

Plant-based diets have been related to decreasing morbidity and mortality of many non-communicable diseases. The purpose of this study was to investigate the relationship between…

Corporate social responsibility and biotechnological foods: an experimental study on consumer’s behaviour

Flavio Boccia, Daniela Covino

New food technologies based on biotechnological organisms are increasingly becoming a cause for debate and conflicting discussions. This paper aims to investigate hypothetical…

Does strawberry supplementation ameliorate markers of cardiovascular and metabolic health? A systematic review and meta-analysis

Reihaneh Mousavi, Morteza Arab-Zozani, Elaheh Foroumandi, Majid Karandish, Leila Maghsoumi-Norouzabad, Anahita Mansoori, Jalal Moludi

This study aims to identify the effect of strawberry supplementation on some metabolic, inflammatory and oxidative parameters in adults with cardiovascular (CV) risk factors.

Dietary practice and associated factors among type 2 diabetic patients in Gambella region hospitals, Ethiopia

Tigist Teklemariam, Kebebe Bidira, Girma Bacha, Asrat Zewdie

Dietary management is one of the cornerstones of diabetes care and is based on the concept of healthy eating in the context of social, cultural and psychological influences on…

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