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Effect of type and concentration of solvent on chemical properties of saffron edible extract

Ali Mohamadi Sani, Sharare Mohseni

– The purpose of this study was to find a suitable solvent to produce saffron edible extract with improved chemical properties.


Dietary intake of fried and processed foods in the USA is inversely associated with obesity but positively associated with glucose intolerance

Meera Penumetcha, Payal Arora, Xu Zhang, Vijay Ganji

Foods rich in polyunsaturated fatty acids are vulnerable to oxidation during processing and storage. The intake of oxidized lipids (OLs) and their subsequent relation with chronic…


Modified milk for infants

S. Sarkar

Breast milk is considered as the most ideal food for infants during infancy owing to its diverse nutritional and therapeutic attributes. In the absence of breast milk, infants may…


Modeling of vacuum drying of loquat fruit

Hamed Saberian, Mojtaba Amooi, Zohreh Hamidi-Esfahani

The aim of the present research was to study and model drying of loquat fruit under vacuum conditions at three temperatures to select the best mathematical model for predicting…

In vitro effect of Lactobacillus rhamnosus GG on reduction of aflatoxin B1

Parya Rahnama Vosough, Ali Mohamadi Sani, Masoumeh Mehraban, Reza Karazhyan

Since a sound detoxification method is needed for controlling aflatoxin B1 (AFB1), as one of the most harmful mycotoxins in animal production and food industry, this study was…

High pressure control of protein structure and functionality

Amar Aouzelleg

This article aims to consider the use of high pressure processing in order to gain functional advantages through proteins structure control. High pressure processing has been used…


Cryo comminution of food waste

B.S. Sridhar

The present study involved the development of a value-added comminution process for different recycled meat processing by-products such as bones for management of waste products…

Quality evaluation of chocolate produced using soy-cow milk

A.O. Obatoye, S.O. Ogunwolu, M.A. Idowu

The purpose of this paper is to evaluate the effects of substituting cow milk with soy milk in the standard milk chocolate recipe on the physical, chemical and sensory qualities…


A pilot study of grocery store sales: do low prices=high nutritional quality?

Barbara Exum, Sharon H. Thompson, Leslie Thompson

Low fruit and vegetable intake is associated with heart disease, some cancers, and other major causes of death. Product pricing influences food purchases and economic declines…


Probiotics in dairy foods: a review

Shahnawaz Umer Khan

There is need for exhaustive studies to be undertaken to identify various probiotic strains and to understand the actual mechanism of action by which these probiotics exert their…

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