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For those who form calcium oxalate stones, which one is healthier?: Green or regular black tea bags

Neda Lotfi Yagin, Reza Mahdavi, Zeinab Nikniaz

Although black tea is commonly consumed in Iran, within the last years the popularity of green tea, especially green tea bags, has dramatically increased due to all scientific…


Consumer attitude towards purchasing intent for ready to drink orange juice and nectar

Alessandra Ferrarezi, Valéria Paula Minim, Karina Maria dos Santos, Magali Monteiro

The purpose of this paper was to evaluate the impact of some labeling aspects on the consumer intent to purchase ready to drink orange juice and nectar.


Innovative winemaking: consumer acceptance of red table wines

Maurício Bonatto Machado de Castilhos, Marília Gonçalves Cattelan, Ana Carolina Conti‐Silva, Vanildo Luiz Del Bianchi

This paper aims to evaluate the consumer acceptance of Bordô and Isabel wines from innovative winemaking in order to increase red wine consumption by consumers to obtain…

Determination of lead residue levels in raw milk from different regions of Mashhad (north‐east of Iran) by AAS method

Hosein Nikpooyan, Ali Mohamadi Sani, Nafise Zavezad

The aim of this study was to test the presence of lead in raw milk from different regions of Mashhad (north‐east of Iran) through atomic absorption spectrometry (AAS).

Embedding healthy eating: nudging or toolbox?

Monika Schröder, Phil Lyon

The purpose of this paper is to examine the rationale and limitations of public nudging approaches currently to be found in the UK food choice environment.


Dietitians as entrepreneurs

Mabel Blades

The purpose of this paper is to examine the role of dietitians who work as entrepreneurs.


Relationship between the variety of food consumed and sufficient nutrition in middle‐aged Japanese

Minatsu Kobayashi, Motoki Iwasaki, Shoichiro Tsugane

Developed countries have devised guidelines for various eating habits, many of which simply recommend “eating various foods” without specifying how much food the individual should…


Foodscapes and wellbeing in the workplace: a university setting

C.R. Symonds, A.C. Martins, H.J. Hartwell

Numerous factors can influence an individual's eating behaviour, including the environment where food is purchased and consumed; this has been termed the foodscape. Settings where…


Body image and lifestyle attitudes of female gymnasium users in Saudi Arabia

Albandri Abdullah Ben‐Ammar, Murad Ahmad Al‐Holy

The purpose of this paper was to assess whether there were differences in body image, physical activity and lifestyle attitudes between single and married Saudi women using…

The effect of pectinase enzyme on some quality attributes of a Nigerian mango juice

O.E. Adelakun, D. Metcalfe, P. Tshabalala, B. Stafford, B. Oni

This study aims to focus on the use of pectinase enzymes for producing clarified mango juice with blend of orange juice and to evaluate some of its quality attributes.


The effect of processing parameters on the physicochemical properties of oil from roselle seed

Isaac Bamgboye, Oyebola I. Adejumo

The study aimed to focus on the effect of the processing parameters on the physicochemical properties of oil from roselle seed.


Assessing the ability of Saccharomyces cerevisiae to bind aflatoxin B1 from contaminated medium

Haleh Sahebghalam, Ali Mohamadi Sani, Masoumeh Mehraban

This study was conducted with the aim of examining the ability of Saccharomyces cerevisiae to remove AFB1 from liquid media in order to use data in food and feed systems.


Nutritional quality evaluation of non‐netted muskmelon fruit during its development and ripening

Soumya V. Menon, T.V. Ramana Rao

The purpose of this study was to determine the sweetness and antioxidant profile‐based nutritional quality of non‐netted orange fleshed muskmelon (cv Maduri) fruit during its…

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