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Table Of Contents: Volume 63 Issue 3

Information behaviour of primary health care providers in rural Uganda

Maria G.N. Musoke

The purpose of this paper is to investigate the accessibility and use of health information among primary health care providers. The study focused on women and health…

A discourse analysis technique for charting the flow of micro‐information behavior

Diane Nahl

The purpose of this research is to describe a discourse analysis technique which can be used to analyze text or speech that is produced by people when discussing their…

Information resources used by children at an English secondary school

Andrew D. Madden, Nigel J. Ford, David Miller

The purpose of this research is to study the information‐seeking habits of children at an English secondary school. Data from two different research exercises were…

Practical potentials of Bradford's law: a critical examination of the received view

Jeppe Nicolaisen, Birger Hjørland

The purpose of this research is to examine the practical potentials of Bradford's law in relation to core‐journal identification.

Machine learning for Asian language text classification

Fuchun Peng, Xiangji Huang

The purpose of this research is to compare several machine learning techniques on the task of Asian language text classification, such as Chinese and Japanese where no…

Derivative bibliographic relationships in the Slovenian online catalogue COBIB

Marija Petek

The purpose of this research is to provide information about derivative bibliographic relationships in the online catalogue COBIB, to investigate size and complexity of…



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