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Table Of Contents: Volume 59 Issue 6

Citation counts and the Research Assessment Exercise V

Michael Norris, Charles Oppenheim

A citation study of the 692 staff that makes up unit of assessment 58 (archaeology), in the 2001 UK Research Assessment Exercise (RAE) was undertaken. Unlike earlier…

Reasons for the use and non‐use of electronic journals and databases

Sanna Talja, Hanni Maula

Previous research has shown that there are major differences in the search methods used in different disciplines, and that the use of electronic journals and databases…

A taxonomy of relationships between images and text

Emily E. Marsh, Marilyn Domas White

The paper establishes a taxonomy of image‐text relationships that reflects the ways that images and text interact. It is applicable to all subject areas and document…

Conceptual modeling of component parts of bibliographic resources in cataloging

Shoichi Taniguchi

This paper examines differences in modeling component parts of bibliographic resources between two conceptual models in cataloging, as a continuation of the previous study…

Self‐efficacy: a concept closely linked to information literacy and lifelong learning

S. Serap Kurbanoglu

This paper is primarily concerned with self‐efficacy in the context of information literacy. The focus is first on the concept of self‐efficacy, followed by attainment of…



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