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Table Of Contents: Volume 59 Issue 1

Modelling the logical structure of books and journals using augmented transition network grammars

Birgit Stehno, Gregor Retti

This paper presents a grammar for books and journals using augmented transition networks in automated document analysis. The approach takes the structure of layout…

Laws against the circumvention of copyright technological protection

J. Carlos Fernández‐Molina

The problems that the great developments in digital information and the Internet are creating for copyright may be partly solved through new legislation as well as through…

Thesauri, taxonomies and ontologies – an etymological note

Alan Gilchrist

The amount of work to be done in rendering the digital information space more efficient and effective has attracted a wide range of disciplines which, in turn, has given…

Can networks of journal‐journal citations be used as indicators of change in the social sciences?

Loet Leydesdorff

Aggregated journal‐journal citations can be used for mapping the intellectual organization of the sciences in terms of specialties because the latter can be considered as…

A model of information practices in accounts of everyday‐life information seeking

Pamela J. McKenzie

Many research‐based models of information seeking behaviour are limited in their ability to describe everyday life information seeking. Such models tend to focus on active…



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