International Journal of Physical Distribution


Operations and Logistics Management

Table Of Contents: Volume 5 Issue 3

Development and Tests of Two Stockout Cost Models

C.K. Walter, Bernard J. La Londe

In calculations of inventory control costs, the effects of stockouts are often assumed or avoided because of the lack of accounting data for reasonable measurements. The…

A Computer Model for Freightliner Terminal Management

H.M.V. Bisby, F. Wharton

Management in service industries are constantly faced with the problem of balancing customer service against achieving a high level of economic efficiency in managing…

Using Transport Models to Cut Costs

Graham Tarr

In the present financial climate, the search for cost‐savings is intensifying. Transport and physical distribution are prime areas for examina‐tion, but their complexity…

Coalition Theory and Channels of Distribution: An Alternative Power Strategy

Michael G. Harvey

This article applies the theory of coalition formation in triads to channels of distribution. The theory explains alternative power strategies of weaker (smaller) channel…

Accounting for Channel Costs in Marketing Logistics System Selection

Graham Buxton

The Role of the Channel in Marketing Logistics Marketing logistics has often been adopted as a synonym for physical distribution management (PDM), the two terms being used…

Containerisation: An Appraisal

M.Th. Slijper

The reasons for going in for containerised shipment were several. First and foremost, there was the attraction of having a unitised form of through‐transport which enabled…

Cash Recycling in Distribution

David Walters

The product portfolio and product life cycle concepts are not recent in management education. Indeed the product life cycle has been around for some considerable time and…

Communications Forum

Peter Gilmour

Saleh and Das rightly point out that both the speed and the reliability of a transport mode are important factors in the modal choice for freight movements. Their…


New distribution system cuts delivery times: A new system of achieving 24‐hour break‐bulk deliveries of decorative products throughout Britain was reported in a recent…