Acceptability of Transport Pricing Strategies

The book is based upon papers presented at the MC ICAM conference on Acceptability of Transport Pricing Strategies, held in Dresden, 23–24 May, 2002. It is divided into four parts, Setting the Stage: Acceptability Problem, European Research Results, Behind Public Acceptability: Relevant Determinants, and Political Acceptability, and tackles several relevant parts from a theoretical as well as from a practical viewpoint by asking questions like: how to explain the different levels of public acceptability of various travel demand management measures? Which factors influence the level of acceptability? How to deal with political acceptability problems? What should future implementation approaches look like from the point of view of acceptability?

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  • Jens Schade
  • Bernhard Schlag


Section 1. Setting the Stage: Acceptability Problem Section 2. European Research Results Section 3. Behind Public Acceptability: Relevant Determinants Section 4. Political Acceptability